Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Animals Inside/Vertebrate Comparison: Human vs. Deer Skeletal Systems

  In science we are studying human anatomy while we learn about vertebrates and bodily systems. I had to choose one body system to create a project on. I chose to focus on the skeletal system because most people associate skeletons with Halloween and I like Halloween and spooky things, but as I learned quickly they weren't scary at all. They turned out to be fascinating.  The skeleton's function is to support the body, promote movement, and to create blood cells from the bone marrow.
 One thing that I have to do is compare and contrast the human skeleton and an another animal's skeleton. Luckily we had a friend named Wendy Martin who had a whole set of deer bones. She lent them to us so that we could try and assemble the bones, find out how old the deer was, and what its cause of death was.The bones were sooooo complex that we had a hard time putting them into the right place. Some of the bones were so small that we couldn't figure out where they went. After assembling the bones, we concluded that the deer was two and a half years old and died of a broken hip. Make no bones about it, it was a very awesome lesson!


  1. Wow...I can see that broken hip. That hurts!!!
    Love, Gamma

  2. This is awesome man!! Hope to see more!!

    Love, Gordon